Wednesday, August 29, 2012

AntiCrist's Death Threat

Today's chilling development had kept Stevie awake well into the night and moved her to prayers with tears. Another note from AntiCrist with expected typos had arrived at campaign headquarters. It read, "Hallaween will be ter-minel for your son if you dont quit NOW!"

Senator Bellardi seemed to have been affected by the blatant threat. He rescheduled an early afternoon gathering for later in the day, then he retreated to his compartment on the bus for two hours. Had he used the time of solitude to pray, to rest, to memorize a speech, or to make a deal with God: his soul in exchange for North California and his son's life? When he emerged, the senator was back to the business at hand as if nothing had changed.

Stevie's mind was besieged by a collage of horrifying images. Flashbacks to Dougie's overdose and death occupied her consciousness like a gallery of photographs dragged up from a dungeon in her soul. Interspersed with the memories were grotesque imaginings of the fate awaiting Wes. Every new scene of Dougie or Wes forced a groan from Stevie's aching heart. "Deliver Wes from evil, dear God. Deliver him from evil."


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