Thursday, September 13, 2012

Halloween Party

The Young Women's Leadership Club at school held an annual Halloween party, and Shawna had heard it was a rather eerie celebration of different religious beliefs and ancient occult practices. The other girls were thrilled at the prospect of being exposed to "deeper" religious thoughts and practices than they had experienced before.

Shawna was not sure she wanted to go, but it was difficult to turn down Terilyn and her other friends from the club. Besides, Ms. Carmona would be attending and had offered to read everyone's horoscope, as well as help those who were interested get in touch with their "spirit guides." Shawna had never had her horoscope read before, and she did not have a clue who or what her spirit guide was. She had always assumed it was God's Spirit, since that is what she had been taught in church and Sunday school all her life. But when she mentioned that to her friends, they laughed so hard that Shawna decided to keep further question on the subject to herself.  She would just have to wait and learn all about it at the party.


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