Monday, September 17, 2012

A Real Witch

“What about our Halloween costumes?" Terilyn asked Shawna enthusiastically.   "What's everybody else wearing?" Shawna asked. "I heard Ms. Carmona is coming as a witch," Terilyn answered, her eyes shining with excitement. "In fact, I heard it's not just a costume." "What do you mean?" asked Shawna. "I mean," Terilyn explained, her voice lowered to a whisper, "that Ms. Carmona really is a witch." "No way!" Shawna was shocked. "There's no such thing ... is there?"

"Sure there is. Witches have been around forever. Don't you remember what we learned at the conference about ancient religions?" "Well, sure, but..." Shawna hesitated. It was one thing to learn that some people considered witches and their beliefs and practices to be a true religion, but it was something else to actually know somebody who really was one. "Are you sure?" Terilyn smiled wickedly, her eyes still shining. "Who can be sure about anything?


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