Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Romance of Campaigning

The last two weeks seemed a blur, the days having flown by. Every day a different city or town, but every day the same routine. The romance of working in Bellardi's gubernatorial campaign had been reduced to a daily grind. Up by six for breakfast and the daily game plan with Senator Bellardi, Robert, and the team. Then back-to-back-to-back rallies, press conferences, and meet-and-greets. Stevie had learned to force down a hearty breakfast each morning because she seldom saw hot food again or had five minutes to eat it until the team was back in the bus at night.

Clamoring crowds were waiting wherever they went. After the first few days, the people all looked alike and asked the same kinds of questions. The kidnapping situation had also become disturbingly commonplace to those on the tour. AntiCrist had indeed claimed responsibility for the abduction four days after Wes Bellardi's disappearance. Another computer fax had arrived at campaign headquarters. The note, replete with poor spelling and grammar, simply read, "Abanden the campain for your sons sake. AntiCrist."

But Daniel Bellardi would not abandon the campaign. He stayed on the road except for periodic helicopter hops to Redding to meet with local police and the FBI. In the meantime, Mrs. Bellardi remained in Redwood City under a physician's care.

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