Monday, August 27, 2012

The Daily Grind

Stevie had difficulty accepting the senator's seemingly light regard for his son's safety. True, she had sacrificed time with and attention to her children to get Bellardi elected, but he appeared ready to sacrifice his son's life. It was one thing not to cower under the threats of terrorism in general. It was quite another to say to someone already holding your child hostage, "I will not quit the campaign no matter what you do."

Stevie had been instructed to keep the media fully informed of the latest developments in the search for young Bellardi while prohibiting all questions about Wes or the ongoing investigation. Every morning's breakfast meeting began with prayer, and Wes's safety and release were uppermost among the petitions. But once the bus door opened and the daily rush commenced, it was as if Wes Bellardi did not exist. Even Stevie found herself going several hours at a time without thinking of him. Then the mention of his name in a crowd brought a momentary pang of sadness, which was quickly swept away in the frantic whirlpool of activity. Stevie's nightly prayers for Wes were sometimes overwhelmed by exhaustion before she was finished. She often felt guilty for becoming so calloused to such a tragedy. But the daily madness continued.


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