Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ex-Husband Tries to Help

Jon's nylon suitcase was packed and stowed behind the seat of the truck when he picked Ben up at Pierce College. The kid saw the bag and questioned Jon with a look. "I have to go away for a while, maybe a couple of weeks," Jon said. "You know that my ex and kids live in Redding. Well, she's kind of stressed right now, so I need to go up and help her out with the kids for a while. I've made arrangements for you to stay at the group home. It's only temporary.” Ben's Parole officer arrived at the house fifteen minutes after Jon and Ben got home.

I'll be back in three weeks, max. Hang in there." "Good luck, man," Ben said softly. Jon considered Ben's parting comment something of a milestone. Up to this point, Ben had been strictly a taker, and not a very gracious one at that. Jon hoped the little spark of progress would not die out during his time away.

It did not make sense for Jon to go to Redding, but he had to go. Racing northward on the freeway, he considered some of the logistics. He could stay at the apartment and be with the kids while Stevie was on the road. He had worried about Stevie's safety since the terrorist had begun to make good on his threats. The abduction of Bellardi's son enlarged his concern.


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