Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Exclusive Values

The first issue-related question from the press conference came from a local TV news anchor. "Senator Bellardi, throughout the debates Juanita Dunsmuir repeatedly labeled you heartless and cruel for your position against homosexuality, abortion, assisted suicide, and so on. She stated that your Judeo-Christian views are more exclusive than inclusive, more judgmental than forgiving, and as such, not really Christian at all. How do you justify your hard-line stand in light of the Christian's duty to exercise compassion and forgiveness?"

Senator Bellardi nodded. "Good question, Robin. I take a hard stand against homosexuality, abortion, assisted suicide, and other immoral behavior for the same reason the California Highway Patrol takes a hard stand against people driving 110 miles per hour on Interstate 5: Somebody will get hurt if we don't say no. Imagine for a moment, Robin, that you and your children are out for a leisurely drive on I-5. A red Corvette races past a CHP officer at 110, and the officer does nothing. Then the reckless driver crashes into your car, killing your children. You confront the officer angrily for not enforcing the speed law.

"How would you feel, Robin, if the officer said, 'Have a little compassion. After all, the guy can't help it. He was born to speed. His lifestyle is to drive recklessly. You can't impose your values on him. You just have to learn to stay out of his way.' I daresay that you might be sorely tempted to violate the law yourself at that moment."

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