Thursday, August 2, 2012

Doing the Right Thing

Bellardi swept the crowd of media people with his gaze. "Ladies and gentlemen, I have nothing personally against the homosexual. But when his or her promiscuous lifestyle influences a child to question his God-given sexual orientation or causes someone to be infected with a deadly virus, someone has to say no. I'm not without compassion, but my compassion is for the victims and potential victims of this individual's aberrant lifestyle.

"Likewise, I have nothing personally against the woman who finds herself inconveniently pregnant. But when that woman terminates another human life in order to rid herself of the inconvenience, someone has to say no. My compassion goes out to the innocent children who are mercilessly sacrificed in such circumstances."

The senator continued, "I take a hard line because someone has to do what's right for North California. Compassion should be reserved for those who try to do the right thing but fail. Forgiveness is for those who fail to do the right thing but repent. And for those who ignore what is right in order to pursue a lifestyle that is harmful to others, someone must hold a hard line. That's what North California is all about. That's what Dan Bellardi is all about."

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