Monday, July 30, 2012

Moral High Ground

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I'm Stephanie Van Horne, and I will be serving as Senator Bellardi's media secretary during Mr. Whitten's recovery from an appendectomy.” Stevie was nervous as she addressed the press for the first time. She made a few other comments then yielded the lectern to Senator Bellardi and took her place behind him, next to Robert.

Senator Bellardi delivered the short version of his message of hope for the people of North California: The only way to save this new state from the moral duplicity and depravity eroding the rest of America is to return to the traditional values of the Judeo-Christian community. The senator renewed his pledge to do what was right for North California by working tirelessly to establish high moral standards as the basis for law and community life. Stevie marveled at the candidate's energetic, charismatic public persona, a marked contrast to his often drained and brooding appearance in private.

As the question-and-answer session began, Stevie moved closer to the senator.  Her job now was to help conclude the press conference at the appropriate moment. Senator Bellardi was good at interacting with the media. But sometimes he didn't know when to quit, and sometimes he preferred to debate and defend where it was more prudent to back off.

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