Monday, July 2, 2012

Too Close for Comfort

Ernie made periodic tours of the house and checked in often by radio with his squad of security guards positioned outside. He could put up with the boredom for three more weeks as long as it meant that Wes Bellardi made it through the election without further incident.

Ernie had just come in from one of his checks around the house and had rejoined Wes. "Hey, look at that," Ernie said, gesturing toward the television. "The latest polls are out. We're pulling farther ahead of the marijuana queen." They watched the figures scroll across the screen. The off-camera political analyst interpreting the data stopped just short of projecting a win for Senator Bellardi. Ernie added, “Apparently the debates woke up some people about what's wrong with legalized drugs and mercy killing and gays being coddled like a minority group."

 Wes did not move from his position on the couch. "I don't know, Ernie," he said. "Eleven percent still undecided. It's too close to call." Ernie shook his head. With all the advantages Wes enjoys, he can sure can be negative sometimes, he mused. The kid will probably find something to worry or gripe about even if the senator wins by a landslide.

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