Thursday, July 5, 2012

Too Busy for Me

Shawna was still confused about all the things she had heard at the conference in San Francisco, but she was not ready to accept totally what Terilyn and the others obviously already had about tolerance and spirituality. With her mother too busy even to answer her questions, Shawna desperately wished for someone objective to talk to. For the time being she had decided simply to enjoy her friendships with Terilyn without making a commitment on her beliefs one way or the other.

"Where's your mom tonight?" asked Terilyn. "She's home in front of the computer doing campaign stuff." "I thought her job was over after the debates." "She still writes faxes and stuff," Shawna said, the disgust and disappointment obvious in her tone. "And her boyfriend keeps asking her to do more. Like a dope she keeps saying yes." Shawna's disappointment was obvious. "Boyfriend? What boyfriend?" Terilyn asked.

“The campaign manager." "Robert Johnstone?” Terilyn asked.  “I've seen him on TV. He's kinda cute— for an old guy." "Yeah. I think he's got a thing for Mom. He's always calling her about something. I hate it." "I know what you mean," Terilyn answered. "I hate it when my mom gets a new boyfriend."

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