Thursday, June 28, 2012

Protecting Wes

As much as Ernie Cruz liked young Wes Bellardi and was committed to his protection, serving as his bodyguard was downright boring. Other than what he had to do to fulfill his obligations to his father's campaign, the kid stuck pretty much close to home, sleeping, reading, or watching TV. But Ernie had been appointed as his shadow, and he took his responsibility seriously. On weekdays Ernie drove Wes to headquarters, taking a different route into town each day for security's sake. Then he sat around the office for a few hours until the senator's son had completed his tasks. It was amazing how much reading you could get done in three weeks when there was nothing else to do, he realized.

Weekends were tough. Wes tried every possible excuse to skip the debates, but they seldom worked. His father expected him to be in attendance, "particularly since your mother can't be there. We must present a strong family unit." Wes had grudgingly agreed, and Ernie had accompanied him. Thankfully, to date, there had been no problems, no attacks, and no need for Ernie to test his mettle at defending his longtime friend's only son.

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