Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tolerance vs. Intolerance

Terilyn and Shawna sat in silence for several moments. Terilyn broke the silence, "TV says Bellardi's going to win. You know what'll happen if Bellardi becomes governor?" Terilyn asked. "What?" asked Shawna. "Ms. Carmona and teachers like her who try to teach us how to think for ourselves will have to leave North California. Bellardi won't allow them to teach here and 'pollute' our minds."

Shawna thought for a moment. "That's intolerant," she said finally thinking that's what Terilyn expected her to say. "Shawna," Terilyn exclaimed, "I think you're getting it!" "Getting what?" Shawna asked. "The idea about tolerance. You know, all people are equal, all lifestyles are equal, all truths are equal."

Shawna paused. "Yeah, I get it—at least most of it." Terilyn continued, "What's not to get? When you start firing people because you don't like their lifestyle or their religious beliefs or whatever, you're treating them unequally. You're intolerant. In fact, that's what Juanita Dunsmuir says about your mom's boss: 'A vote for Dan Bellardi is a vote of intolerance.'"

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