Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Politics Get Personal

Wes would thank Stevie someday after the election for encouraging and tutoring him. Right now she would be happy just to see a spark of enthusiasm or excitement from the young man. But whenever she was tempted to throw in the towel on Wes, she seemed to hear Dougie challenging her: "Hang in there, Mom. He's just like me. He needs you." No way could she ignore such a plea.
If all this were not reason enough to stay with the campaign, there was Robert. Robert was the prototypical North California man: committed, sensitive, principled. His good looks and devastating smile don't hurt any, either, she thought, smiling to herself as she relived their brief ride together to the lake a couple of hours earlier. We even have the same taste in music, she mused. How refreshing to ride in a car with someone who appreciates classical sounds instead of that country twang that Jon's always listening to. As hard as she tried not to, she could not help but wonder what direction their relationship would take—and how far it would go—once the election was over.

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