Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Abortion Rebuttal

Senator Daniel Bellardi's platform says, “Abortion is a crime, abortion is murder— period” Juanitia Dunsmuir said with conviction. “Do the crime and you do the time. It's the right thing for North California.” Fellow North Californians, the “Jenny's” and “Elizabeth's” of the world need guidance, counseling, encouragement, understanding, and love to turn their lives around—a little tolerance and compassion, if you will. Contempt and incarceration are not right for these girls. And if it's not right for them, then it's wrong for North California. "Remember, a vote for Dan Bellardi is a vote of intolerance."

Placards, demonstrations, and overt campaigning were strictly prohibited in the auditorium, which was supposed to be a neutral site. But Dunsmuir supporters in the crowd of eight hundred spectators were notable by their enthusiastic applause as their candidate returned to her chair. Senator Bellardi had three minutes to respond to Ms. Dunsmuir's rebuttal before the challenger presented her own case on abortion. Even though she did not know what the senator would say, Stevie anxiously and confidently awaited his reply.

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