Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Convenience Abortion is Wrong

"Ms. Dunsmuir has done well to remind us of the heartrending stories of girls like Jenny." Senator Bellardi exhibited no ill effects from his opponent's barbed rebuttal. His poise at the lectern seemed unflappable. "And although a sanctity of life standard must be upheld in all cases, my quarrel is not primarily with women who submit to abortion during a momentary lapse of conscience or good judgment. Thankfully, these occurrences are in the minority. Rather, the pro-life legislation I propose is aimed at multiplied thousands of women who think nothing of terminating new life simply because pregnancy or motherhood is incompatible with their lifestyle." A soft murmur of affirmation from the audience confirmed that the senator's supporters were also present in force.

"I refer to these women impersonally as Ms. X, because their unconscionable acts are inhumane. Animals sometimes kill their young, but sane and sensible people made in the image of a loving God do not. We cannot tolerate careless, thoughtless, heartless women and their male partners whose devotion to convenience, career, and the good life leads them to kill their young in the womb. Convenience abortion is not right anywhere at any time. If that is intolerance, so be it. As governor of North California, I will make sure that the rights of the unborn are protected by law."

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