Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Heartstrings of Abortion

Clever strategy, Stevie thought, for a New Age atheist like Dunsmuir to introduce “Elizabeth” as a Christian and intimate that her abortion was an act of mercy. She is as persistent as she is resourceful at poking holes in the stained-glass curtain between her and Senator Bellardi.

 Juanita played to the heartstrings of the crowd with two more brief scenarios. The stories were carefully framed to make each girl's choice for abortion appear logical and even moral. "Legislation proposed by Senator Bellardi," she concluded, "would brand as criminals the Jennys and Sarahs and Elizabeths of our new state. Can you imagine your teenaged neighbor being handcuffed and hauled off in a police car just for protecting an innocent child from a brief, painful life and a horrible death? Can you imagine your own niece being arrested and imprisoned simply because she made a hasty, emotional decision that will punish her with regret for the rest of her life?

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