Thursday, March 22, 2012


"I read your letter," Terilyn said to Shawna. Their deeply bronzed bodies and faded swimsuits were silent testimony to a summer spent in the sun. "I'm glad you're starting to see things more clearly," Terilyn said. "You're starting to realize that what you've been taught all your life isn't necessarily the only truth—and may not even be the truth at all."

"I don't get it," Shawna admitted."I'm trying to follow you, really. But it's just not working." Terilyn's smile returned. "It takes a while," she said. "Alexis and Josie and I are just starting to figure things out ourselves, and we've been experimenting for a year or so now."

"Experimenting? In what?" "Spirituality," Terilyn answered. "The real world. Eternal things. That's where we fulfill our potential because that's where the power is. Now do you follow me?" "Yeah, I guess I do know what you mean ... sort of. But... I didn't think you were into going to church or—"

Terilyn interrupted her with a laugh."No way," she said. "I never set foot in the place, unless my mother drags me to a funeral or a wedding or something. I'm not talking about religion the way your mom thinks of it, or the way she's tried to brainwash you into believing that hers is the only way, and anyone who doesn't believe like her is wrong. I'm talking about real spirituality and power and connecting with a spirit guide—"

"I don't like your saying my mom's trying to brainwash me. Just because she takes me to church doesn't mean she's brainwashing me." Terilyn sat up and raised her eyebrows. "Oh, I suppose you go by choice?" Shawna squirmed. "Well, not exactly," she admitted. "But the people there are really nice and—" "And I'm not?" Terilyn asked. "I didn't say that." "I know you didn't," Terilyn said. "But think about it. If you go to a church that says only people who believe a certain way are
right, what does that say about the rest of us?" She stood and looked into Shawna's eyes. "It's not a very tolerant attitude.”

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