Monday, March 26, 2012

More Than One Truth?

“Shawna, your beliefs are too polarized,” said Terilyn. “It's one way or no way. One truth or no truth. You just can't admit that maybe— just maybe—there's more than one truth and that each of us has a right to choose what that is."

Shawna felt trapped and Terilyn smiled. "You're starting to see it, aren't you—the bigger picture? You just keep thinking about what I said, and it'll start making sense to you. And when you're ready, the four of us can talk about it." "The four of us?" Shawna's green eyes were open wide. "You mean ... Alexis and Josie feel the same as you about ...truth?" Terilyn laughed. "Of course they do. In fact, most people do. You've been listening to your mom and that Hitler-Bellardi guy too long. Like that lady candidate, Juanita, says, 'You gotta learn a little tolerance.' It's the only way, trust me."

Shawna wasn't sure she was ready to trust Terilyn—yet. But even as she tried to think of some argument—or even a Bible verse—to counter her friend's words, Terilyn's logic was beginning to make more sense all the time. "I...I gotta go," Shawna said. "Really. I'm going to take a walk and I'll... I'll talk to you later." "No problem," Terilyn said. "Just let me know when you're ready."

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