Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New But Different Friends

Shawna found a blank page in the notebook to enter her most recent thoughts to Terilyn. The week long letter—which she had kept secret from Collin and her father—chronicled not only the events of the vacation but her growing interest in knowing more about her new friends and what it was that made them different. Not really different, she corrected herself. But special and unique. I really like that about them. As her father in the front seat droned on about the finality of divorce, Shawna began her new entry:

Dear Terilyn: What you said last weekend is beginning to make sense. We really can stay connected in our thoughts. I have a feeling you're thinking about me right now, even while I'm writing to you. Is that what you mean sometimes when you talk about spiritual experiences? I'm not sure I understand, but I think I'd like to. Maybe you can be my guide. Let's talk about it when I get home.

Her friends put little effort into selecting their clothes, fixing their hair, and none of them used makeup. These were nice-looking, well-developed girls. But their interest in boys seemed to take a backseat to their interest in being together. To some extent Shawna was glad for that, but she still found it a little hard to understand.

Yet Terilyn, Josie, and Alexis were very bright, very funny, and very friendly—qualities that seemed to be missing from her old friends. True, they were not Christians, which their occasional daring behavior sometimes confirmed. But they obviously had some sort of interest in spiritual things or Terilyn wouldn't use the term so often. Surely that must be a point in their favor.

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