Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Friend Says

Shawna said, "The new governor is going to make so many laws that nobody will want to live in North California. That's what my friend Terilyn says."

Jon recalled his conversation with Stevie on the topic of legislated morality. He admired Daniel Bellardi's goals for the new state; he wanted Shawna and Collin to grow up secure and happy just
as much as Stevie did. But Jon still wrestled with the candidate's proposed hard-line policies. However, expressing his doubts in front of the kids would likely get him into deep trouble with their mother, and Jon did not want that. "It's impossible to please everyone. He's doing the best he can for the most people," Jon said.

"Terilyn says he's Adolf Hitler reincarnated, trying to get rid of everyone he doesn't like," Shawna said. "What do you think?" Jon asked. Shawna was silent, flipping through her magazine. Finally she said, "I don't think he's Adolf Hitler. He doesn't have a mustache." Jon chuckled at her dry humor.

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