Monday, March 12, 2012

Why North California?

Dad, why does Mom want us to live in North California anyway? Why don't you move up here too? Then you could marry Mom and we could be a family again. Wouldn't that be great?" The words belonged to 9 year old Collin, sitting in the front passenger's seat of the Grand Cherokee while his father drove. Shawna was in the backseat, suddenly interested in the conversation.

"In answer to why your mom wants to live in North California, I'll tell you why I think she moved to Redding.She loves you two so much that she wants you to grow up in the safest, healthiest possible environment. Big cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco and Seattle are centers for crime and pollution. North California is a much better place to live. "But Redding doesn't have a baseball team like the Dodgers or the Mariners," Collin interjected disappointed. "Or a Nordstrom's," Shawna added from the backseat. "Everything has a downside, kids," Jon said. "Your mom is concerned about protecting you from gang violence, drug pushers, and other criminals."

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