Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dad, Please Move Here

Collin pressed on with his questions to his father. "Why don't you move up here, Dad? If South California is so bad, you'd be safer here with us." Jon replied, "I've thought a lot about moving to North California. I love you kids very much, and I hate being so far away." "We miss you too. Dad," Collin said. Shawna was silent. "But I can't move, at least not yet." "Why not? It's
easy. You just put your stuff in a truck and drive it up here like we did." Jon smiled at Collin's childish simplicity. "Mainly, Son, there's my job. I'd probably take a serious cut in pay and lose a hunk of my retirement from the L.A. school district."

Jon continued. "I don't want you kids to think this is only about job security and money. The kids on my campus have a lot of problems, serious problems. I'm trying to make things better for
as many of those kids as I can. I think God put me there to be a positive influence. I can't just walk away from that." So, even though I'd rather be near you kids, I just don't feel it's the right time to move."

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