Monday, March 5, 2012

Meeting the Boss' Son

Eden Hunter-Upshaw, the volunteer coordinator for the Bellardi for Governor of North California campaign, announced with a beaming smile that a weekend background check had cleared Stevie to go to work. She introduced Stevie to the head of the communications department and a few key volunteers. As they were walking, a quick glance inside a cubicle caused Stevie to stop at a doorway. "Hello, Wes," she said. Eden smiled and said, "So, you've already met our celebrity volunteer." "Celebrity?" Stevie said, appraising the young man standing in front of her. "He doesn't like us to make a big deal about it," Eden answered, "but you're talking to Daniel Weston Bellardi, Jr., the senator's son."

Stevie was speechless for several seconds. Wes looked suddenly disconsolate, like a little boy who had just dropped his double-scoop ice-cream cone on the sidewalk. Feeling the young
man's embarrassment at being labeled the boss's son, Stevie ignored her own surprise and said for his benefit, "Well, no matter whose son he is, Eden, Wes impresses me as a fine young man and a dedicated volunteer."

Wes flashed a weak smile. In that instant Stevie sensed that she had made a friend.

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