Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Stevie knew she should be out making calls for her own business but after three stimulating hours at Senator Bellardi's headquarters, she could not keep her mind on her work. She was
excited at the prospect of working in the Bellardi for Governor communications' group to publish the weekly Prayer Fax for clergy and Fax-O-Gram for the senator's supporters. Stevie
was especially anxious to get into her "homework"-- getting up to speed by reading all kinds of material about the Daniel Bellardi platform.

Chief among Stevie's distractions from work were her thoughts about the unassuming, enigmatic young man, Wes Bellardi. No wonder Wes was closemouthed about his relationship to the senator. Few kids his age welcome the pressures and notoriety of being the son of the
leading candidate in a controversial governor's campaign, especially if those kids—like Wes— are less gregarious.

What an advantage to have been raised in the home of such godly parents. Here was a kid who grew up under the positive moral guidelines Stevie so desperately wanted to instill with her own
two children. Here was a kid who was rescued from Sodom and Gomorrah before it was too late. Indeed, Wes Bellardi was the kind of kid Dougie Van Horne would be today had he not overdosed. Stevie paused a few minutes to think about her son then tried to direct her thoughts back to the campaign.

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