Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mercy Killing Request

Jon started pressing his point with an impish grin. "Let's say that Fred has terminal cancer, horrible pain and no more insurance. That means the state will have to pay for his drugs and hospital care until he dies. Not only for Fred, but for others like him. Your taxes will go through the roof. Will you pay to keep these people alive?"

Was Jon sparring playfully or arguing seriously about Senator Bellardi's platform? At this moment, Stevie could not tell. She gave him the benefit of the doubt. "You can't put a price on human life," she said, returning the grin. "I'll pay the taxes."

Jon pressed on. "But Fred doesn't want the drugs. He wants to die. He demands that Dr. Smith transfer him to a clinic in San Francisco where mercy killing is still legal. If you're the doctor, do you let him go?" "No, that's the same as killing him." "But in South California mercy killing is legal, it's not wrong," Jon insisted. Stevie argued, "It may be legal, but it's still morally wrong to take a human life." Jon nodded, impressed with her argument.

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