Monday, February 6, 2012

Die with Dignity

Stevie, it sounds like Bellardi's proposed moral legislation could be interpreted as unconstitutional and discriminatory" Jon said. Stevie rolled her eyes. "Yeah, I've heard talk about that,” she replied. John paused. "All right, so let's say there's a physician in Redding—Dr. Smith or something. One of his elderly patients—Fred—has terminal cancer. Fred is in horrific pain, which will only worsen until he dies. He has no family, his insurance has run out, and he wants to die with dignity. So Fred summons Dr. Smith to administer the painless fatal injection. But a new law in North California makes mercy deaths illegal—the senator does intend to abolish mercy deaths, doesn't he?" "Yes," Stevie said firmly. "Taking a human life is wrong. Isn't that what you believe?"

Jon paused thoughtfully then nodded, adding, "At least I think that's what I believe. But let me finish. Dr. Smith is a good doctor. He really cares for old Fred, and he agrees that nothing can reverse the disease or permanently relieve the pain. What should he do?" Stevie answered immediately. "Refuse to administer the injection, because it's wrong."

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