Thursday, February 9, 2012

Assisted Suicide

After a silent moment, Jon proposed another scenario to his ex-wife: “Fred has cancer, horrible pain and says that if you won't help him die, he'll kill himself. Will you turn your back and let him slash his wrists?" "Of course not. I'd be assisting in his suicide by default."

Jon leaned forward in his chair. "Stevie, are you telling me that you'll keep this man in North California against his will, dope him up against his will, and physically restrain him if necessary, all in the name of doing the right thing? Isn't that just as wrong as letting the man die if he wants to?"

Stevie did not know what to say. Her mind was scrambling for an answer. She felt as if she were being backed into a corner. Thankfully, Jon didn't seem to be aiming for the jugular. He was sparring, not arguing. He was trying to make a point, and he seemed rather passionate about it. Finally Stevie said, "Maybe Dr. Smith would be better off in a state that supported assisted suicide."

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