Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Legislated Morality

“How does Daniel Bellardi intend to keep North California morally positive?” asked Jon. "Legislation, Jon," Stevie answered, purposely avoiding an argumentative tone. "Every law imported from California will expire here within the next three years. It's part of the resolution. The new North California legislature is responsible for reinstating, replacing, or abolishing each of them. Senator Bellardi will use his political clout to put laws on the books that will encourage moral behavior and discourage immoral behavior. Once the laws are in place, the people who push drugs and abortion and homosexuality and assisted suicide and the like won't want to be here. Shawna and Collin will have the benefit of growing up in a world with a minimum of violence and immorality."

"Legislated morality," Jon summarized. "For lack of a better term, yes," Stevie said. "Toe the line in North California or suffer the consequences," Jon added with a slightly sharper edge to his voice.
"It worked with the Ten Commandments, Jon. Right and wrong were black and white, not a matter of personal preference or public opinion. You have to lay down the law and make it stick. That's Senator Bellardi's vision for the state. If people don't like it, they can leave. "

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