Monday, December 5, 2011

Beer at the Lake

"So how was the lake yesterday with Uncle What's-his-nose?" Shawna asked Terilyn. "It was fantastic!" Terilyn exclaimed. "We skied and tubed our brains out. Uncle Jack loved showing off his big powerboat to his new plaything, Sweet Charlotte. You have to go next time."

Terilyn went on excitedly. "We brought sandwiches and stuff, but Captain Macho sprang for a big lunch at the marina. And he had a cooler full of cold brewskis for everybody." "Brewskis?" Shawna repeated. "You mean, beer?" "Yes, in the native tongue of the North California lake people, brewski means beer," Terilyn said in a funny voice. "Are you telling me that your uncle let you drink beer?" "No, he practically forced us to drink it," Terilyn said, giggling. "That's all he had in the cooler. Ain't it a shame?"

Shawna had not taken Terilyn, Alexis, and Josie for the beer-drinking kind. She asked, "What about the sheriff? You could have been picked up."

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