Thursday, December 1, 2011

Time with Dad

"Hello?" "Terilyn, this is Shawna." “You must be back from the dead. Where have you been, girl?" Terilyn said with a laugh. "I told you: My dad came up from L.A. Me and my little brother have been with him the whole weekend, " Shawna replied. Terilyn snorted a laugh. "Doing what? I mean, what can you do with a dad for forty-eight hours straight?" Terilyn was not fond of dads in general, Shawna had learned. Both her real father and her stepfather had run out on her and her mother. "Went to the batting cages and a movie," Shawna answered. "Then ate barbecue and watched fireworks at the lake. Today we drove to the redwood forest in Mom's Cherokee. Just got back."

"Your mom let your dad drive her car?" Disbelief marked Terilyn's tone. "Of course," Shawna answered. " What's wrong with that?" "Too bizarre," Terilyn said. "If my mom loaned a car to my dad or step-dad, it would have a bomb planted in it. And me and her would fight over the remote control to see who got to make the car go boom." Shawna wrinkled her nose. "That's sick." "Not if you knew Charlie or Gil." Terilyn spat the names more than spoke them. Shawna felt badly about her own parents being divorced, but at least her dad and mom could talk to each other. She felt a little sorry for Terilyn.

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