Monday, October 24, 2011

Why Debate Intolerance?

"Dad, if you expect to be so far ahead in September, why challenge Dunsmuir to a debate at all? If the TV analyst Krueger is right, you may risk a big loss only weeks before the election," said Wes.

"Two things," Daniel said. "First, they challenged us. Refusing to respond to such a major plank in their platform might be perceived by the people as weakness. Second, the people of North California must understand tolerance for what it is: total disregard for moral absolutes. When they understand how the concept of tolerance undermines traditional values, they'll be ready to help us outlaw wrongs like abortion and special rights for gays and lesbians. They'll help us make North California a state that welcomes all people who live within the time-honored guidelines of moral decency. "No matter where we are in the polls come September, Wes, the debates will bring out the truth on the issue of tolerance. And the truth always wins out."

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