Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Divorced and Lonely

Jon tossed the half-eaten third slice of gourmet veggie pizza into the box. It was a large, deep-dish pizza, enough to feed a family of four. Jon always bought a large one and saved two-thirds of it for microwave lunches. But sitting in an empty house staring at a family-sized pizza with no wife or kids around to enjoy it with him stirred up Jon's feelings of loneliness. The fact that this was a holiday weekend only made things worse.

Moving back into the house had been both a blessing and a curse for Jon. Paying down a mortgage was certainly more satisfying than investing in rent receipts, and the house was more of a real home to him than his old apartment, which he had regarded merely as a hotel room rented by the month. But at times, living in this spacious home without his kids was worse than living in that sterile apartment. Of what value is the space if there are no people to fill it? Why dust, vacuum, wash windows, or rearrange furniture if there is no one to appreciate it? Why even come home after work if only to eat in silence and stare at the walls? Tonight Jon was fresh out of satisfactory answers.

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