Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Branded Intolerant

Daniel sat up straight, looking at his son, "Let me ask you something about those who preach tolerance: Are they tolerant of those they consider intolerant?" The senator continued without allowing his son a chance to answer. "No! That's where all the love and acceptance and open-mindedness falls apart. They are tolerant of the tolerant, but they are intolerant of the intolerant. Anyone who accepts moral absolutes, right and wrong, is branded as intolerant. “

“If you say to a homosexual, 'I accept you as a person, but I don't agree with your lifestyle,' then your value system—which the tolerance-mongers claim is as valid as any other—is suddenly worth nothing. But it doesn't cut both ways. You can't say that you are tolerant only if someone else's belief system doesn't directly conflict with yours.” That's the fatal flaw in Dunsmuir's argument. And I believe the people of North California will see right through it. To give an extreme example, it was complete tolerance that led to millions of Jews dying in the Holocaust. There was no moral absolute.”

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