Monday, October 17, 2011

Gaining in the Polls

Watching his father, Wes inquired, "Dunsmuir is that vulnerable on the tolerance issue? I mean, she doesn't stand a chance?"

Daniel turned to Wes again, this time shaking his head. "First, she won't be close enough in the polls for the debates to make a difference. Second, her argument that tolerance is the greatest and most maligned virtue in America today just won't fly in this state. By making tolerance the issue of the campaign and pressing it in the debates, Juanita Dunsmuir is committing political suicide."

"So why is she gaining in the polls?" Wes challenged. Daniel cocked his head and flashed a queer smile. "Weston, whose side are you on?" Dismissing his father's curious suspicion with a laugh, Wes answered, "Your side, Dad, of course. But if I'm going to work in your campaign, I need to know the answers to these questions. If Dunsmuir is already dead meat, why does she continue to gain on you? What fatal flaw do you see that her supporters can't see?"

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