Thursday, September 8, 2011

Who is Jesus. . .Reallly?

Enjoyed it in spite of myself! Who is Jesus . . . Really?

First let me say as a non-Christian I was expecting something like Strobel's heavily biased The Case for Christ--but the engaging writing in this book pulled me in.

Who is Jesus. . .Really? reads like a novel centered on the conflict between faith and atheism through living characters with forcible personalities who meet and discuss what we can know about Jesus -- whether he was real, whether he was divine, etc. -- in coffee shops and other venues.

This is not a preachy, argumentative book. It's an enjoyable and very contemporary story that presents two sides of the debate over the historical Jesus and a glimpse into today's academic climate. Of course, the Christians have better arguments and are more knowledgeable in this book than the doubters and skeptics who are mostly just being outspoken and arbitrary, but I don't doubt the sincerity of the exchange.

If you aren't sure who Jesus was and would like to be convinced in your faith, Who is Jesus might get you there. No matter what you believe, this book's highly polished style, absorbing writing style and tangible characters are admirable. Derek Murphy

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