Thursday, September 8, 2011

Now They're Dumb Ideas

Shawna guessed her parents already considered her a borderline juvenile delinquent after sneaking out of camp and the vulgar emails to and from Rik. And her mother must despise her after she called the cops on her and moved out—another dumb idea inspired by Destiny. Now she had further embarrassed her parents, especially her dad. The news about Jon Van Horne's expelled daughter would surely heat up the gossip lines in the school. Her mom and dad were not perfect, Shawna knew. But she would agree with anyone who said they did not deserve the kind of stress their daughter had brought to them over the last two months.

Shawna pulled out a used Kleenex and took another swipe at her nose. So why had she done it? she pondered painfully. Why did she do stuff she really did not want to do, stuff she wished she had not done almost as soon as she did it? Why did she keep listening to Destiny when it always seemed to get her into trouble? Why had she encouraged Rik and kept the gross stuff he sent her? And why, after all she had done to hurt her mother, could she not admit her stupidity and ask to move back to her own room? Dad was kind and fun, but Shawna had missed Mom and Collin since the first night she so pridefully walked out.

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