Wednesday, September 7, 2011

No More Belles

Mr. Nguyen walked away without a glance after delivering Shawna and the "evidence" of stealing the exam to the vice principal. Having been expelled for the semester, Shawna was not their responsibility anymore, and it showed.

Shawna's pockets were stuffed with used tissues, and her nose was still running. She felt awful. She had never been suspended from school before. Her friends would talk about her for days, she knew. "I can't believe Shawna would steal an exam; she goes to church and everything," they would say.

Destiny and Tara would have a good laugh over Shawna's ineptness—until tomorrow when Mr. Holgate called them out of class. Shawna felt badly about that too; she had not intended to nark on the Belles. But Mr. Nguyen had asked her point-blank, "Did you get this key from Tara Marshall?" Shawna fumbled her lie and finally nodded. She had the same experience when the vice principal asked her if Destiny was part of the scheme. Tara and Destiny would probably get suspended, and neither one of them would ever speak to her again. Shawna knew she could never be a Belle now. She wished she had never tried in the first place.

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