Monday, September 26, 2011

Reasons to Stay

Stevie still felt surprisingly good about moving to North California. Enough time had passed for her to realize what she was leaving behind: supportive friends and neighbors, a pastor who seemed to care about her, an excellent client base, the conveniences of a large city. And, of course, there was Jon. Legally, except for obtaining his permission to move their son out of state, she was no longer dependent on him. Emotionally, not all the lines had been severed. In ways she did not fully understand, it would also be difficult to leave Los Angeles without him.

But every loss was overshadowed by one all-consuming gain: Collin would be saved from the influences that had been so detrimental to Dougie and Shawna. Having made the momentous decision after only a few days of thought, Stevie was remarkably free of misgivings. She was almost as excited to leave as Collin was.

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