Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Status Quo

Ironically, Juanita Dunsmuir is battling to retain the status quo for her home state: tolerance, legalized marijuana, gay rights, children's rights, abortion rights, clear separation between church and state. Bellardi is out to change all that. He wants to take North California back to the morals of the 1950s.

From what Stevie gathered, Bellardi shrewdly exchanged his money for influence, magically transformed his influence into public support, and bought himself a small pond: the new state of North California. He strongly believes that tolerance as our culture defines it does away with absolutes, standards, convictions, and conscience. He is banking on a hope that the people who helped him establish North California will help him create an outpost of Judeo-Christian values based not on tolerance but on love, respect, moral values, and truth.

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