Wednesday, August 24, 2011

If You Want to Be a Belle

"Mr. Nguyen will be out on the baseball field until four-thirty. Make sure his room is empty, then go inside and lock the door behind you. The cabinet is right behind his desk. Unlock it with this." Destiny made sure no one was watching, then she pressed a small key into her friend's palm.

Shawna hoped Destiny did not notice how sweaty her hand was. She had not been this nervous since the night they sneaked out of camp. "Where'd you get this?" she asked, quickly jamming the key into the pocket of her jeans. She was awed that Destiny could get ahold of the key to a teacher's filing cabinet.

"Tara Marshall, Nguyen's TA this semester, and another Lindley Belle," Destiny said proudly. Then she glanced around again. "The Belles do anything for each other. They swear it. If you want to be a Belle, you do what we say—no questions. Got it?"

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