Thursday, August 18, 2011

Singer v. Politician

Stevie knew little more about Juanita Dunsmuir than what she saw in the media. The singer lived hard, fast, and loose, she had heard. And Dunsmuir always seemed to align herself with political candidates Stevie opposed. But she made good music. Stevie found it hard to believe that the singer was any threat to an established political leader like Bellardi.

He expected to march into the governor's office without a threat from the unconventional and inexperienced Dunsmuir troops. But like the ragtag revolutionary colonists, Juanita Dunsmuir pops out of the bushes with her funky concerts all over the state and starts taking potshots at Bellardi. And the senator is taking some hits in the polls. The two states are under the same laws now. But if Bellardi and conservative legislators are swept into power, four years from now the laws of North California won't look anything like the laws on the books today.

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