Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Singer or Governor

Once a measure was approved by Congress to divide the state, Stevie seldom gave another thought to the small new state to the north. She certainly didn't know anyone was interested in fighting over a state with no large cities, no amusement parks, and no movie or television studios. Curious, she pulled up the volume to listen.

The TV host was introducing the topic. A guest sat on either side of him. All wore business suits of blue or gray. "—there would be a contest to govern a population largely made up of conservatives who have no use for places like L.A. or San Francisco. By an act of sleight of hand, Dan Bellardi and his band of magicians made North California magically appear. And it seemed that his magic in the north would continue until the voters woke up on November second to discover that Bellardi was the state's first governor."

"But apparently, long-time activist and folksinger Juanita Dunsmuir has conjured up a way to break Bellardi's spell. Her decision to run for governor was viewed by many in politics and the entertainment industry as a publicity stunt to resuscitate record sales, that is, until she hit the road with her Freedom Tour."

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