Monday, August 15, 2011

Morality Challenges

The city school district had sold out to values-neutral education, setting kids adrift without a moral compass. Cheating had evolved into a science, justified and practiced at some level by most students. Junior high health classes stressed safe sex for kids instead of no sex. Teachers regularly had students role-play sexual situations and practice putting condoms on bananas. Kids today seemed just as embarrassed at being labeled virgins as Stevie's generation had been at being labeled promiscuous.

Stevie believed in prayer. But for all her praying, this mountain—the godless culture in which she struggled to raise godly kids—was getting larger instead of smaller. The world had already reeled in her Dougie, and the hook apparently was set in Shawna's jaw. If God didn't give her some answers soon, Stevie held little hope that Collin would survive. God, if my baby is taken away from me too . . . Stevie lamented silently as a tide of despair ebbed nearer.

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Dion John Hunt, Editor said...

It's time for the Body of Jesus to rise again and lead our families, churches, and communities! May God wake us, raise us, and equip us to lead people to Himself, connect with the Body, and meet the needs of others.