Wednesday, August 10, 2011

God's Silence

Consciously accepting that prayer sometimes worked for her, Stevie was even more acutely aware of God's silence in response to the major petitions of her life. For all she prayed that her children would be protected from a worldly lifestyle, Stevie was worried that Shawna was being sucked right into it. There were times when Stevie had even begun to hope and pray that her family might be together again. But Shawna seemed headed in the opposite direction.

Then there was the disheartening issue of the moral climate in which her struggles were being played out. For years Stevie had prayed for godly civic leaders and tougher laws in Los Angeles County, only to see things get increasingly worse. Anarchy had already gained a foothold in south-central L.A.; even the police unofficially avoided some parts of it. Marijuana was legal for adults. A measure legalizing "brothel zones" in the county would be on the November ballot, an attempt to regulate prostitution and curb the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. The latest polls revealed that the well-financed measure had a good chance of passing.

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