Thursday, August 25, 2011

Borrowing or Stealing

The Belles comprised a secret sorority of handpicked eighth and ninth graders at Lindley Junior High. Shawna did not know who the Belles were or exactly what they did—that really was a big secret. She did know that there were no adult advisors, but all the girls at Lindley knew that being invited to pledge the Belles was the ultimate in cool. Shawna was not positive she wanted to be a Belle, and she knew her dad would be upset if he found out. But Destiny wanted Shawna to be a Belle, and Shawna could hardly resist the magnetism of this popular, fearless classmate. "Got it," Shawna answered. "No questions.”

Destiny whispered, “Find the biology exam, make a copy of it on Nguyen's machine, then put the original back. I'll be in the quad at 4:15." "Isn't that stealing?" Shawna offered weakly. Destiny scowled at Shawna, "You're borrowing the exam. A couple of Belles in Nguyen's class need to ace this test. When I tell them you got the test for them, they'll vote you right in. Hey, it's only cheating if they see the answers. You're only borrowing the questions for them. They still have to study for the exam. Does that sound like cheating to you?" "Guess not," Shawna said.

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