Thursday, July 14, 2011

Is Church Relevant?

As the pastor transitioned into his third point, Stevie considered the irony. My neighborhood is a war zone, my kids' schools are cesspools of drugs and immorality, my family is falling apart, and I'm supposed to care that the high priest's tunic typifies the purity of Christ.

What does my church have to do with real life? Guns are in all the schools, and gangs rule the city at night. Marijuana is legal for 21-year-olds, hut any junior high kid can get it. Condoms are distributed by teachers in the hallways, and gays and lesbians are free to recruit followers in health classes. Right and wrong are regarded as vulgar and archaic concepts. Tolerance for virtually any value system, lifestyle, or truth-claim—pure or perverted—is backed by the courts. And my daughter can legally call the cops on me and leave home at fourteen because I "abused" her by entering her room and removing her computer monitor without her permission, destroying it in the process.
(To Be Continued)

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