Monday, July 18, 2011

The World Is Going Crazy

This is madness. The world is going to blazes around me, and my kids are going down the drain with it. The school and the community only seem to make things worse. Whatever happened to teachers and administrators and legislators who care about their constituents? Why isn't a government commission monitoring email to prevent dirtbags like Rik from electronically molesting girls like Shawna? No wonder Shawna made wrong choices. The moral fabric of the community has been reduced to shreds, and nobody will take responsibility for it.

The litany of social ills and failures nagged at Stevie. She wondered if the nicely dressed saints around her had any idea how angry she felt.

And what is my church doing about the collapse? They're wrapped up in a drive for new pews and choir robes. Where was the youth pastor when Dougie was silently crying out for help? Where were the camp leaders and counselors when Shawna was plotting her escape from camp? And I wonder if the pastor Schofield ever gets out of his library to see what is going on in the world.

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