Monday, June 27, 2011

A State Vision

"The Philistines believe that beautiful, serene North California is no different in nature than our materialistic, self-satisfying sibling to the south from which we have been politically separated. But I believe that North California is destined to be fundamentally different—governed, guided, and populated by those who will no longer tolerate the erosion of America's moral foundation." The audience affirmed the statement with applause and several more amens.

Daniel scanned the crowd, hoping to transfuse the passion of his soul into every listener in the room. "I have a vision for beautiful North California tonight, a vision of freedom. I envision a state where citizens are free to walk the streets at any time of day or night in complete safety. I envision a state where our children are free to go to school, to the mall, or to the community park without being harassed by drug dealers or propositioned by pedophiles. I envision a state where every unborn baby is guaranteed the freedom to come to term and realize the potential for which it was conceived. I envision a state where children grow up in schools and neighborhoods where right and wrong are taught and modeled by adults. I envision a state where parents do not fear the loss of their rebellious children to a ludicrous Child's Rights Act."

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