Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Promised Land

Closing the Bible, the speaker surveyed his guests. Daniel Bellardi's posture and bearing exuded dignity. His smile radiated friendship and trustworthiness. He said, "Ladies and gentlemen, I don't presume to identify the fine state of North California with Israel in these passages. And I certainly don't see myself as a twenty-first century Moses, even though I was privileged to take an active role in the so-called 'parting of the state of California' earlier this year." The laughter was gracious, mixed with a ripple of applause. "But I would be blind to miss the obvious parallels between what I have just read and what we have been called to in this grand new state of ours." Daniel casually but strategically gestured to include himself and his guests in the word we.

"Like Canaan of the Old Testament, North California, I am convinced, has been providentially prepared for those of us who believe in truth, morality, law, and order. The approval of the California legislature and Congress was no less miraculous than the parting of the Red Sea. And yet, also like Canaan, our Promised Land will not be possessed and occupied without effort. I'm not talking about a battle of swords and spears, but a clash of ideals between decent people and the undisciplined element in the land—the Philistines, if you will." The analogy got a positive rise out of the crowd. (to be continued)

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